Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino, Commerce ...

Anyone Ever Work At Commerce Casino/Crowne Plaza in Commerce or Have a Friend That Does/Did?

If so, how is it? How hard is it to get hired? Maybe you can list some pros and cons.
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Difference between Crown (Casino) and Crowne Plaza

I've always wondered, why are the names so similadid one copy-cat the other?
I always assumed they were unaffiliated with one another.
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Class Trial 66: The Murder of Sonia Nevermind - Part 2: 2ndMIX

What if, like, there was an alternate universe where bears could beat the crap out of chimps?
And it would be, just. Wow. The animal mind is really something else.
A beary good buddy of mine the other day went hunting for elk out in the Pacific Northwest.
Don't know why he couldn't keep a straight face. Might've been the DMT.
Hey, Jamie! Pull that Trial thread up!

Truth Bullets

Truth Bullet Supplements

* Click HERE to access all available and relevant Trial supplements, including visual aids.

Cast - Main Course

Reserve Course

You all are doing a good job so far playing with the evidence. Keep doing that.
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Class Trial 66: The Murder of Sonia Nevermind - Part 1: 1stMIX

Let’s suppose, hypothetically, just for the sake of the argument, that you were in need of an explanation of the rules of the Class Trial.
And, further, let’s assume that I am the one capable of providing you, in this hypothetical scenario, with such an explanation.
It must, without a doubt, logically follow that this explanation would be summarized as “you all need to find out who murdered Sonia Nevermind.”
Okay gang? The idea that it would amount to anything other than that is just silly. It’s just... wrong!
Axioms don’t care about your attitudes!

Truth Bullets

Cast - Main Course

Reserve Course

Click [HERE](LINK) to visit the Summary Sheet. (not posted as of now)

In the Summary Sheet, you can easily access alibis, catch up on key moments, and inspect materials supplementing the currently available Truth Bullets.
The Trial has finally started! Let’s get this show on the road. You have seven days to solve this case (ends 12/24 at 1900 UTC-5, 12/25 0000 UTC). I may make comments here as the Trial progresses.
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Class Trial 66: The Murder of Sonia Nevermind - Part 3: 3rdMIX

Physics, ciphers, and motives, oh my!
I'm beary impressed. Divine intervention really is a mystery-solving tool!

Truth Bullets

Truth Bullet Supplements

* Click HERE to access all available and relevant Trial supplements, including visual aids.

Cast - Main Course

Reserve Course

No comments as of now.
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Class Trial 66: The Murder of Sonia Nevermind - Part 4: 4thMIX

Monokuma is now silent. There are no further tricks up his sleeve.

Truth Bullets

Truth Bullet Supplements

* Click HERE to access all available and relevant Trial supplements, including visual aids.

Cast - Main Course

Reserve Course

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Mario Kart: Train Circuit Ideas

Mario Kart: Train Circuit June 2024
Characters/Vehicle Bodies
Mario/B-Dasher (Kart) Luigi Peach Daisy Toad Yoshi Rosalina Bowser Donkey Kong Shy Guy Koopa Troopa Wario Waluigi Dry Bones Toadette Petey Piranha Baby Mario Baby Luigi Bowser Jr. Funky Kong Birdo Diddy Kong King Boo The Koopalings Pauline Nabbit Kamek Hammer Bro ROB Mii
Trophy Ceremony
The Top 3 Racers drive through Train Circuit with crowns on their heads. The player in 3rd has a Copper Crown, the player in 2nd has a Silver Crown, and the player in 1st has a Golden Crown. There are Toads, Koopa Troopas, Piantas, Lumas, Boneteers and Onorans cheering the Top 3 on from the sidelines. The Cheep Cheep Blimp is floating above the finish line and Lakitu awards the player the Trophy. The Player has the option of Saving/Quitting to the menu, retrying the cup, or to view a replay of one of the four tracks.
Character Unlocked! - Cutscene
The Character you have unlocked is freed from a Jail Cell. A jingle plays, and the game tells you how you unlocked the character.
Train Mode
Trains have 2 characters and 3 extra carts. There are no coins in Train Mode. Trains gain more speed from train parts. Trains only have blue mini turbos. Trains have lower gravity. There are 16 types of Trains. Trains cannot be used in Time Trials. Beating a cup in train mode gives you the same results for the cup in Standard Mode (Karts and Bikes.) Trains have whistles that can stun other players. Trains can only hold 1 item. Trains play a Remix of Super Mario Bros Course Clear when you win a race. Trains play a Remix of the Classic Game Over theme when you lose a race. Trains play a remix of the 1-Up sound when passing a racer.
Karts have good Weight And Traction. Only Karts can perform Ultra Mini Turbos. Bikes have good Handling and Acceleration. ATVs have good weight and traction. ATVs, Bikes, and Trains only have Blue Mini Turbos. Trains have good Speed and Weight.
Swing Hooks
Swing Hooks are a new mechanic in Mario Kart Train Circuit. Your kart automatically attaches to a claw swing when touching it. The farther down you press on a rope swing the farther you go. Swing Hooks can be tricked off of.
Lakitu’s Pit Stop & Shop!
Your one-stop shop to purchase Vehicles Parts using the coins you’ve collected in races! Here you can also customize your emblem and customize your Vehicle combo for races and battles!
Vehicle Emblems
You can add emblems to your Karts, Bikes, ATVs and Trains. You can customize the colors, the size of the pixels, use an eraser, and view your vehicle from many angles!
Banana Peel Triple Banana Peel Mushroom Triple Mushroom Green Shell Triple Green Shell Red Shell Triple Red Shell Fire Flower Super Star Bob-omb Bullet Bill Spiny Shell Mega Mushroom Fake Item Box Crazy Eight Lighting Super Horn Boo Piranha Plant Boomerang Flower Bob-omb Shell Double Cherry Ice Flower Super Crown
Mushroom Cup
Train Circuit Cascade Canyon Koopa Troopa Park Toad Cafe
Flower Cup
Fruity Falls Cocoa Kingdom Tostarena Ruins Shy Guy Circus
Star Cup
Luigi Stadium DK Savanna Demolition Dirtway Volbono Peaks
Special Cup
New Donk City Starlight Village Bowser’s Castle Rainbow Road
Shell Cup
DS Mario Circuit GBA Riverside Park Wii U Thwomp Ruins Wii Toad’s Factory
Banana Cup
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar GCN Mushroom City Wii U Sunshine Airport
Leaf Cup
3DS Rock Rock Mountain/Alpine Pass Wii Dry Dry Ruins N64 Wario Stadium GCN Bowser’s Castle
Lighting Cup
Wii DK Summit Wii U Electrodrome 3DS Maka Wuhu/Wuhu Island Loop GBA Rainbow Road
Shine Cup
Wii U Super Bell Subway DS Shroom Ridge Bianco Hills Shadow Play Street
Bell Cup
Wii Koopa Cape SNES Bowser Castle 1 Shangri Spa Nintendo Land
Battle Modes/Stages
Balloon Battle Coin Runners Shine Thief Shine Runners Bob-omb Blast Renegade Roundup Thunder Chase
Wario’s Casino Bowser’s Galleon Comet Observatory Hotel Delfino Mario’s Skatepark ———————— N64 Double Deck GCN Tilt-a-Kart Wii Funky Stadium 3DS Honeybee Hive NS Dragon Palace
Story Mode
When all of the Mario Kart racers get turned into Trophies, it’s up to Mario and friends to save them! Travel across the world to complete missions, collect Trophy Coins, and fight many foes!
Mission Ranks:
3 Trophy Coins (Excellent) 2 Trophy Coin (Super) 1 Trophy Coin (Good) A Rank (OK) B Rank (Bad) C Rank (Very Bad) D Rank (Terrible)
World 1: Peach’s Castle - Goomboss World 2: Tostarena Town - Knuckletoc World 3: Delfino Plaza - Petey Piranha World 4: Metro Kingdom - Mechawiggler World 5: Mount Volbono - Cookatiel World 6: Bowser’s Kingdom - Bowser World 7: Rosalina’s Observatory
50 Missions, 6 Bosses, 168 Trophy Coins
Peach’s Castle:
Train Circuit DS Mario Circuit Cascade Canyon Mario’s Skatepark GBA Riverside Park Wii Toad’s Factory N64 Double Deck Goomboss Battle
Tostarena Town:
Tostarena Ruins Wii Dry Dry Ruins 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar GCN Tilt-a-Kart Fruity Falls N64 Wario Stadium Koopa Troopa Park Knuckletoc Battle
Delfino Plaza:
Bianco Hills Wario’s Casino Wii Koopa Cape Hotel Delfino Nintendo Land 3DS Maka Wuhu Wii U Sunshine Airport Petey Piranha Battle
Metro Kingdom:
New Donk City Shadow Play Street DS Shroom Ridge Demolition Dirtway Toad Cafe Wii U Super Bell Subway GCN Mushroom City Mechawiggler Battle
Mount Volbono:
Volbono Peaks Shy Guy Circus 3DS Honeybee Hive Cocoa Kingdom Wii Funky Stadium SNES Vanilla Lake 2 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Cookatiel Battle
Bowser’s Kingdom :
Bowser’s Castle Bowser’s Galleon Wii U Electrodrome SNES Bowser Castle 1 Wii U Thwomp Ruins GCN Bowser’s Castle Luigi Stadium King Bowser Battle
Rosalina’s Observatory:
Shangri Spa NS Dragon Palace Wii DK Summit Comet Observatory DK Savanna Starlight Village Rainbow Road GBA Rainbow Road
Collect ___ Coins! Defeat Beat ___ in a Reverse Race! Beat the track in under ___ Seconds! Drive through ___ Rings! Destroy ___ Item Boxes! Perform ___ Mini Turbos in 1 Lap! Trick off ___ Ramps! Get 1st Place Without Drifting! Avoid every Item Box! Glide at least ____ Feet! Find 5 Green Stars in under ___ Seconds! Boss Fight
Star Cup - Win the Mushroom and Flower Cup
Special Cup - Win the Star Cup
Leaf Cup - Win the Shell and Banana Cup
Lightning Cup - Win the Leaf Cup
Shine Cup - Earn a Star Rank on every Nitro Cup
Bell Cup - Earn a Star Rank on every Retro Cup
Mirror Mode - Win every 50, 100, and 150cc Cup
200cc - Score a Star Rank on every 150cc Cup
Gold Mario - Score a Star Rank on every Mirror Mode Cup
Golden Standard/Golden Bike/Golden ATV/Golden Express - Win every 200cc Cup
Golden Wheels - Unlock a Super Fast Staff Ghost in all 40 Tracks
Golden Glider - Collect 5000 Coins
Daisy - Collect 30 Trophy Coins Baby Mario - Collect 45 Trophy Coins Baby Luigi - Collect 60 Trophy Coins Diddy Kong - Collect 75 Trophy Coins Funky Kong - Collect 90 Trophy Coins Shy Guy - Collect 105 Trophy Coins Rosalina - Collect 120 Trophy Coins Koopa Troopa - Collect 135 Trophy Coins Waluigi - Collect all 168 Trophy Coins Toadette - Earn a Star Rank on every 50cc Nitro Cup. Dry Bones - Earn a Star Rank on every 50cc Retro Cup. Petey Piranha - Win the 100cc Shine Cup. Kamek - Win the 50cc Special Cup. Birdo - Win the 50cc Lightning Cup. Hammer Bro - Win the 100cc Bell Cup. King Boo - Earn a Star Rank on every 100cc Cup. Bowser Jr. - Earn a Star Rank on all 150cc Nitro Cups. The Koopalings - Earn a Star Rank on all 150cc Retro Cups. Pauline - Earn a Star Rank in every Mirror Mode Cup. Sprixie Fairy - Play 1000 Races/Have a Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Save File and win 300 Races. Nabbit - Earn 3000 VR Points/Play 50 Battles. ROB - Earn 4000 VR Points/Play 100 Battles. Mii - Earn 5000 VR Points/Play 200 Battles.
32 Karts/Bikes/ATVs/Trains for each character 14 returning vehicle bodies
20 Wheels 32 Gliders for each character
VS Mode/Battle Mode Customization
-Kart/Bike/ATV, Wheels, Glider
-Standard Mode/Train Mode
-50cc/100cc/150cc/Mirror Mode/200cc
-Standard WeatheDay/Night/Rain/Sunset
-Laps (1/2/3/4/5/8/10/20/25/30/40/45/50)
-Easy CPU/Medium CPU/Hard CPU/No CPU
-4 Racers, 8 Racers, 12 Racers, 24 Racers
-Choose Tracks/Random Tracks/Tracks in Order
-Tracks (1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40)
-Racer Size (Standard/Mega Size/Lightning Size)
-Elimination Mode (On/Off) player in last stops playing)
-Reverse Race (On/Off)
-Kart/Bike/ATV, Wheels, Glider
-Standard Mode/Train Mode
-Standard WeatheDay/Night/Rain/Sunset
-Easy CPU/Medium CPU/Hard CPU/No CPU
-4 Racers, 8 Racers, 12 Racers, 24 Racers
-Choose Stages/Random Stages/Stages in Order
-Stages (1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40)
-Racer Size (Standard/Mega Size/Lightning Size)
-Timer (30 Seconds/1 Minute/2 Minutes/3 Minutes/4 Minutes/5 Minutes/10 Minutes/Off)
-Balloon Battle/Coin Runners/Renegade Roundup/Shine Thief/Bob-omb Blast/Shine Runners/Thunder Chase/Random Battle
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Class Trial 66: The Murder of Sonia Nevermind - Summary Sheet: Skill Attack

Ta-daaaaaaa! It's the Official Prima Holographic Ultra-Rare Rofl Trial Summary Thread!
This is just for reference. None of the little bastards are roleplaying here, so we can be as meta as we want!
Daddy said if we do a good job with the Summary Thread, he might let us host the next trial... So let's all try our best!
This is boring. Where's all the killin'? Where's everybody playin' the blame game?!
Father gave us our own thread, but we're missin' out on all the good stuff!
Yeah! Enough with this boring evidence crap!
H-hey, you guys are off-script! Did you forget your lines again?!
I thought we rehearsed this! Father told us no matter what, we can't forget our...
Uh... What were we talking about?
N-not you too, Monotaro! Are you okay? Did the amnesia come back?!
Who, me? I'm fine. I just have one question...
Who's Monotaro?
Waaaah! This is a total train-wreck! Daddy will never let us host a trial at this rate!

Truth Bullets

Truth Bullet Supplements

Cast - Main Course

Reserve Course

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My dream demon / poltergeist, idk but I got yeeted across a room

Hi Courtney, my name is Gray, I’m 16 and a lot of shit has happened since things first started happening when I was 11. To start this off, back in 2015 My aunt, my best friend at the time, and I decided to take a trip up to Chicago for the weekend. We spent the whole day shopping. My friend had bought an ouija board at one of the shops, and after we finished shopping we headed back to our hotel. Looking back on it, I wish we would have just gone home. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel (I didn’t know this at the time but it’s notorious for its black market) being the little shits we were we decided to play the ouija board while my aunt was showering. We sat on the floor with our hands pressed on the planchette for like 10 minutes and nothing happened so we decided it would be best to put the game away and order pizza. Being stupid little 11 year olds who knew nothing about the rules of the Ouija board we put the game up without saying goodbye. After pizza I went to bed totally forgetting about the ouija board, until about 3AM (I know cliche). I ended up waking up and I couldn’t move, now little 11 year old me had no idea what the fuck was happening, all I knew was “it’s dark, i can’t move, and there’s a burned human head at the end of my bed” YEAH it looked like a malnourished and badly burned human. I Shit you not it started crawling up the bed slowly and I could feel it crawling up me. When it got to my chest it was gone and I bolted up screaming. My friend stopped talking to me after that trip and I’ve had night terrors ever since(I’ll talk about them later) - so next is summer 2017, I went on another trip with my aunt and my sister, Lydia. This time to Minnesota, we were stayed in a casino this time. I can’t remember much about the place except that it reeked of cigarettes no matter where you were. So on this specific night, it was our last night in Minnesota, my aunt had stayed up late to make sure we had everything packed so we could leave early. She had the TV on just for background noise and according to her I sat up in my sleep and let out a scream and the tv then flipped itself off. Then I apparently mumbling in French (English is my second language). She told me about what had happened the next morning as we were leaving. - August 2018, I was skipping school because I had had a cold and felt like shit, I was sitting at the kitchen table and my chair got thrown across the room, keep I mind I am a 14 year old boy at this point and I weighed 140-150, so it’s kinda hard to Yeet me across the room. Later that same day I had had an argument with my mum about something. I was about to walk into my room and I heard a bunch of crashing. My window had shattered and there was blood all over my room, also keep in mind my room is in the backyard which is fenced in, the police were also called they took DNA samples of the blood but they came back inconclusive.
OKAY TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE DREAMS I’ve had very vivid dreams for as long as I can remember, but the night terrors just started a few years ago. 1. The date, time, and location in the dream is always different but always ends in me being burned alive by people is demon masks - (not a dream) I’m in a group where we go out and clean up areas like once a month. So on this specific day we were cleaning in a wooded area not too far off of a road, like we could still see the road from where we were cleaning. And one of the other guys in my group goes “hey guys look at this!” And pull a devil mask IDENTICAL to the ones from this dream out of a clump of mud and grass or some shit. 2. I’m running through the woods being chased by some dark entity, I trip over a tree root, break my ankle, then the entity devours me and I wake up 3. I’m exploring an abandon school with my friends, Katie and Emmalyn, we end up splitting up for some reason and they’re gone for a while then I go looking for them and find them in different rooms both of them dead. So that was fun (not). 4. I’m driving down a country road, on either side there we’re cornfields. There was a young man in the passenger seat, he was blonde with blue eyes and had a faint scar that started in between his eyes and curved over his left eye brow. I drove until we came to a cabin in a clearing in the field. We both got out of the car and went into the house. In the dream, it was suddenly night and I was standing in a kitchen looking at the young man. He was standing in the empty living room staring at the door. He stood there for what in the dream seemed like hours. The man then ran out the door into the corn field and I followed. I couldn’t see him, then I found my way to the center of the field. There was a tall cloaked figure standing there. The figure leaned down and kissed my left cheek. Then I woke up. -There was a mark on my cheek where the figure had kissed me in the dream and it burned like hell. (I’ll try and find a picture but I don’t remember if I took one) I told my friend about this when it happened and I shit you not he goes “Bro, I think you met death.” 5. I was at a Christmas party with my family and I’m the midst of playing hide and seek. I found an old board game in my grandpas room. My grandpa then found me and begged me not to open it, and then he died (in the dream). I didn’t get the chance to open it but then we were board at the Christmas party again so I was looking in the hall closet again for a game for us to play. I found the same game but the box was different, it was light pink and had peppermints on the cover with a little gingerbread man mid run with the words “run-run man” written on it with red twizzlers. Lydia (my sister) immediately took interest and tried to grab the game from me I pushed her away and started to read the back. (I don’t remember exactly what the back said) On the back there were warnings about the game, there were also “reviews” from people who had played the game, they’re were the pictures and ages of the players, a 4 year old, an 8 year old, a 16 year old, two 20 year olds, and all of them said “do not play this game”. I held onto the box so no one could open it, I then went to a different closet to look for a different game for us to play. There I found another box with similar packaging, but it was a doll box so it had the clear plastic on it, I can’t remember what the doll looked like. My family then sat around the tree so the younger kids could open gifts. My brother got his first, he opened it and it was the game, then my sister opened hers it was the doll, I wasn’t holding them anymore, and then I woke up. - I told some of my witchy friends about this and they think I have a dream demon attached to me, so if anyone has any advice for that please let me know! This is the end of the dreams that I can remember. also I said earlier that my sister had an experience too, this is not Lydia but the sister who shares a room with her. She was laying facing her wall one night when she suddenly felt weight on the end of her bed. She thought it was Lydia so she turned to tell her to get off her bed. When she turned however, there was no one there and Lydia was asleep in her bed on the other side of the room. And that’s it, sorry for the long post, I’ll update if anything happens.
Edit: I forgot to mention that in the “run-run man” dream my grandpa’s “ghost” kept appearing only to say “you have 10 hours to hide”. I’ve also found small bruises on my arms and legs that I can’t remember where I got them from? Not necessarily paranormal, just weird.
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Weekend rundown 11/8-10

I’m traveling and in Cellular Purgatory. Save me!
Around Town: - Minnesota Roller Derby Bout (Roy Wilkins Auditorium Doors open 6PM) - Minneapolis Holiday Boutique (Friday-Sunday at US Bank Stadium) - MSHSL Girls Volleyball Tournament (Friday-Saturday at Xcel Energy Center) - GalaxyCon (Friday-Saturday at Minneapolis Convention Center) - Bailiame Dance Festival (Friday-Sunday at Crowne Plaza Plymouth) - Pete Davidson (Friday 6 and 9:30pm at State Theatre) - Anjelah Johnson (Friday 7:30pm at State Theatre) - Hanson (Friday 8pm at Mystic Lake) - Lettuce (Friday 8pm at First Avenue) - Uptown VFW Birthday Celebration (Saturday) - TPT Saturday with Curious George (Saturday 8am at TPT Studios) - Cat & Nat #MOMTRUTHS (Saturday 2 and 7pm at Pantages Theatre) - Pet Portrait Pop Up (Saturday 2:30-4:30pm at sota Clothing) - For King & Country (Saturday 7pm at Target Center) - Chris D’Elia (Saturday 7 and 10pm at the State Theatre) - Don Felder of the Eagles (Saturday 7pm at Grand Casino Hinckley) - Trisha Yearwood (Saturday 7:30pm at Orpheum Theatre) - Ja Rule (Saturday 8pm at Pourhouse) - The Countess and Friends (Saturday 8pm at Mystic Lake) - Long Island Medium (Sunday 8pm at Mystic Lake) - Amber Run (Saturday 8pm at First Avenue) - Illenium (Saturday 8pm at Armory) - Vicky Emerson and Annie Fitzgerald (Saturday 9-11pm at Aster Cafe) - Family Day (Sunday at Minneapolis Institute of Arts) - Girls on The Run (Sunday 9am at Mall of America) - Holi-go-Fabulous (Sunday 10am-2pm at Westin Galleria) - Minneapolis Vintage Market (Sunday 11am-5pm at Solar Arts Building) - Dirty Heads (Sunday 7pm at First Avenue) - Dax (Sunday 7-10pm at the Cabooze)
Movies: - Last Christmas - Playing with Fire - Doctor Sleep - Midway
Sports: - Timberwolves vs. Warriors (Friday 7pm at Target Center) - Gophers vs. Penn State (Saturday 11am at TCF Bank Stadium) - Wild vs. Coyotes (Saturday 7pm at Arizona) - Timberwolves vs. Nuggets (Sunday 2:30pm at Target Center) - Vikings vs. Cowboys (Sunday 7:20pm at Dallas)
GO COWBOYS! :trolldance:
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Options for monthly parking near TCF Center/Hart Plaza?

I work near the TCF CenteCrowne Plaza hotel/Hart Plaza, and currently I commute in from the suburbs, park at MGM Grand, and walk the ~20 minutes from the casino to my office. This is because the garage at the casino is free to park in, and worked out great during the summertime (I moved back to Southeast MI in May) when the weather was nice. I'd often even bike over to shave a few minutes off.
Now that the snow/cold is settling in for the season, I'm looking into some options for monthly parking contracts near my office and was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations. Walking/biking has gotten far less reliable with the snow and cold and I'd like to look for something that's closer to my office.
Any advice/tips/pointers to specific garages in the area would be super helpful. Thank you!
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[Thank You] Sorry for the late post! Thank you for all the postcards and cards!

u/powelale000 - Thank you for cute bunny postcard and the chocolate wishes! You know me too well! Haha!
u/MeowPrincessSandwich - Thank you for the Amigos de La Tipografia postcard! I'm really glad that you and little MPS enjoyed the Obama birthday card! :)
u/gastrorabbit - Thank you for the cute kitten card! I'm glad you enjoyed the card and the movie! Take care and be safe.
u/second-hand-crown - Thank you for the beautiful bird card! I am not too familiar with art nouveau painters. I more into Impressionist painters like Van Gogh, Manet, and Monet. :)
u/feellikebeingajerk - Thank you for the beautiful handmade card! I adore it! I share your hope that we can enjoy spring at some point!
u/witchdusk - Thank you for the beautiful Alice postcard! Hope you're doing well and be safe!
u/cashael - Thank you for the Longhorn postcard from Texas! Hope you enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains postcard!
u/-peacocky- - I agree! I can't wait for this pandemic to be over. I wanna go out! LOL! Thanks for the beautiful orchid postcard! I love the classic stamps too!
u/stephkempf x 2 - Thanks for the Vegas card, and the Mondays card! Hahaha! How does a finer pen make your handwriting worse? LOL! And yes, I share your sentiments about Mondays, lol!
u/saintsayaka - Thank you for the modern art postcard! I think neon tubing art is cool. It's amazing what neon tubing artist can create! Thanks for sharing.
u/gigi700gigi - Hi! Thank you for the beautiful postcard of American Samoa! I hope you're doing well and safe! I've been working too, but mostly with telehealth. It's interesting, but it's good compromise, especially with the social distancing. Take care!
u/Google_Panda -Thanks for sharing the Le Mont-Saint-Michel postcard! What a gorgeous castle! I can't believe there are only 33 people who live there. I would love to visit someday!
u/lionmaneee - Thank you for the song list! I just started getting into Childish Gambino. A friend recommended Jhene Aiko, but I thought it was alright, haha! The 3rd season of Ozark was amazing! I really like the character arc of Ruth, and that ending was crazy! What a twist! Haha! Be safe!
u/suzilla10 - Thank you for the beautiful Spring card! And thank you for sharing the "Osterspraziergang" poem! I was imagining what the procession was like as I was reading it. Hope you're doing well and be safe!
u/kk6321 - Thank you for the beautiful flower postcard! I agree, hopefully people will vote this November! Hope you're doing well!
u/kinkyzilly3018 - Thank you for the "Passing Prohibited" postcard! It looks like an arsenal, or maybe it's a plow. I just got into Nintendo recently, and the original Switch is sold out! I hope to get one soon. I heard Animal Crossing is a fun game, haha! I'm not a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. I've seen a few episodes, but I didn't really get into it. Be safe!
u/leahelizabethj- Thank you for the "A Bug's Life" postcard! I love that movie! Be safe!
u/babyraspberry - Thank you for the cool anime postcard! I like your handwriting!
u/dwimbygwimbo - Thank you for the Obamas card! I absolutely love it! I do miss Barack and Michelle, sigh... Let's hope for a better future for this country! :)
u/pinktothebone x 2 - Thank you for the bird and butterfly card! Hope you're doing well. :)
u/lonelytwatwaffle - Thank you for the photograph postcard! Hope you're doing well too!
u/chaomein18 - Thank you for the San Antonio postcard! I have to make my way there when this pandemic is over. Be safe and take care!
u/Peglegmegxx - The cherry blossom postcard is beautiful! Haha! Thank you for sharing! I remember during my visit to Kyoto, Japan in 2015, the city was filled with blooming cherry blossoms! It was such a serene and beautiful sight!
u/sosococomomo - You're the best! Thank you so much for the X-Men postcard! This became one of my favorite postcards! Thanks for thinking of me.
u/libertyprogrammer - Hi LP! Thanks for a postcard from you favorite set. That's so cool that you like tattoo artist in Germany! Don't forget to share a pic when you do get it! :)
u/zebraboat - Thank you for the Trump Plaza Hotel Casino, haha! No need to apologize, it's a cool vintage postcard! That's sad that the city has been in the decline. It's also awesome that the card is from 1984! :)
u/carleen1210 - Thank you for the beautiful Jupiter and Io postcard. Life has been pretty interesting. I'm one of the fortunate ones to be able to work during this pandemic. We switched to telehealth which is interesting, but a good compromise during this pandemic.
u/RollinAllOnes - Thank you for the McGinn's Pistachio Tree Ranch postcard! That's very kind and thoughtful of you to 3D print out face masks for your friends! Thank you!
u/sureguson - Thank you for the Inuit Art Birds postcard! What a cool fact about the artist. :)
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Ultimate New Years list (updated)

New Years Even at the Marriott Downtown Event Dec 31st @ 7:30pm - $189/person (dinner, premium open bar)
New Years Eve '88 (30 years in the past party) @ 8p - $10 Event Tickets Syracuse Ukraine National Home hosts the most affordable NYE party, showing the Dick Clark '88 ball drop
Brutal By Design New Year's Eve Party & Concert Event - Tix (pending) Performances by Big Sexy and The Scrambled Eggs, Vaporeyes, Atom Ghost.
New Years Eve at the Turning Stone Casino @ 8p-2p Event
New Years Eve at Wolff's Biergarten @ 10p-2a (sold out)
NYE with BlackCuse Pride at Sugar Magnolia's Tickets $13
NYE at Wysockis Manor Tickets $70
A Touch of New Years Eve Event Doubletree Hilton of East Syracuse $389 per couple, includes performances, dinner, open bar, overnight stay, breakfast next morning
NYE at Exclusives (N Salina St) Tickets
NYE at Crowne Plaza Tickets $175+

== Family Friendly / Early Events ==

Noon Year's Eve at Rosamond Gifford Zoo @ 10a-Noon Event
Dave & Busters NYE @ 1p-4p Tickets or 5p-8p Tickets
New Year's Eve Bounce Party Event Surf City Family Fun Center from 10a-5p
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Alternate History: Woodward gets his Way, An Essay on the Woodward Plan and what Detroit would be Like had the Plan been Implemented.

Leading Picture
Setting the Scene:
The year is 1805. Detroit has a population of about 1000 people and has only been a part of the United States for two years. Alas, it doesn't take long for things to go horribly wrong, as the entire city burns down this year. Judge Augustus Woodward, the first Judge of the Michigan Territory, creates an ambitious and unique plan to rebuild it.
Summary of what follows:
Ultimately, for various reasons, only a small fraction of Judge Woodward's grand plan was actually implemented. My goal is to attempt to see what Detroit would be like had the Woodward plan been fully carried out, as well as educate about the details of the plan and its history.
If you're just here for the pictures, here is a link to the complete album:
If you're still with me, without further ado, let's get started.
What was Woodward's plan?
I think it is best to show it in terms of what would change about Detroit as we know it, step by step:
Key Points of the Woodward Plan
This is nuts, how much of this was actually built?
I've highlighted the buildings that exist in the city today according to the following scheme:
First, here's the buildings on top of the existing street layout:
Now, replace that street layout with Woodward's:
Finally, destroy the nonconforming buildings and replace them with conforming buildings:
This plan seems crazy, where did Woodward get the idea from?
He was impressed and inspired by Washington D.C. and its diagonal avenues, but Woodward's plan takes it a step further. While Washington D.C. is simply a system of rectangular lots that happens to have diagonal avenues in it, the Woodward plan is a modular system entirely based on triangles that could be added as the city expanded.
Are you saying the spoke roads are not a part of the Woodward Plan?
Yes, this is a common misconception. The only relationship the spoke roads have to the Woodward plan is that they take roads that are part of the Woodward plan and extend them straight for ~40 miles.
Why was so little of the plan implemented?
Firstly, Woodward had limited authority to break up land that was already owned. For example, the government owned the area between Michigan Ave and Jefferson Ave and chose to arrange it in a conventional grid. Additionally, land in parcels perpendicular to the river owned by individuals, like the Brush family and the Beaubien family, could not be broken up and incorporated into the plan.
Secondly, drafting up a city plan takes time and the people of Detroit grew restless as time passed after the devastating fire. The public also disliked the idea of so much public park space. Coupled with a general resistance for change, emnity toward Woodward's plan grew, so much so that others in Michigan's government would try to undo it while he was away. On one such occurrence, Woodward's detractors authorized the land north of Grand Circus park to be sold in rectangular parcels. Despite Woodward's alarm and protests that such a maneuver was illegal, the sale went through in 1817. This killed hope of implementing any more of the Woodward Plan. Part of Woodward's written complaint was as follows: “Nature had destined the city of Detroit to be a great interior emporium, equal, if not superior, to any other on the surface of the … globe. … In such a case that art of man should aid the benevolence of the Creator, and no restricted attachment to the present day or to present interests should induce a permanent sacrifice of ulterior and brilliant prospects.”
And with that, Detroit's chance to develop as a truly one-of-a-kind city passed. The question of "what if" has reigned unchallenged ever since. Until now, that is. Working from Judge Woodward's original plans, I built the city street by street and building by building in Sketchup, creating "Woodward Detroit". I've included some famous Detroit buildings in Woodward Detroit, most of the rest are "filler" buildings meant to give the impression of a complete city. Now, I give you Detroit built per Woodward's own specifications.
Some Aerial Photos and the Skyline
Transit in Woodward Detroit
I see a lot of discussion around the subreddit about Detroit's transit woes so I did some thinking about transit, both from the present Detroit perspective of auto-dominance and an alternate rail and subway perspective.
Woodward could not have foreseen the explosive growth Detroit would see, eventually growing to a city of two million. I beilieve it is remarkable that he included 120' and 200' roads when designing the city in 1805; he showed remarkable foresight there that would lend itself well to Detroit's development as Motor City. However, I believe a limitation would show itself in the circle parks. Twelve roads all come together and you're stuck in a giant traffic circle. That sounds like a traffic nighmare.
On an interesting side note, there is nothing special about Woodward Avenue in Woodward Detroit. It isn't even a grand avenue. In present Detroit after the Woodward plan was defeated, people came along afterward and extended Fort, Michigan, Grand River, Woodward, Gratiot, and Jefferson into the "spokes" we know today. Ironically, the defeat of the Woodward Plan allowed Woodward to become a household name by having his name attached to the major thoroughfare of M-1.
While I have depicted the medians in the grand avenues as solid, there is no reason they couldn't be crossed with streets as they are presently on Washington Blvd, for example.
The layout of one way streets in the small Woodward portion of present Detroit gives a clue what the layout in Woodward Detroit could be like. The circle park road is one way, like a giant roundabout, then the outer concentric circular roads are also one way in alternating directions.
Writing my own fantasy history, we'll say that the parks contributed to traffic in Woodward Detroit becoming the worst in the country by the 1950s. Citizens of Woodward Detroit unified in such an uproar at the idea running highways through their unique city that the city was forced to look at more efficient ways of moving people...
Rail / Subway
The 200' wide grand avenues leave ample room for light rail in the medians, one track each way. However, unlike in present Detroit, where roads run dozens of miles without interruption, the grand avenues of Woodward Detroit are full of parks. One possible course of action is to use the Campus Martius style parks as stations and the Circle parks as interchanges for the trains.
A second option is more familiar: spokes. These lines could be on the surface or a subway system, but I call them "the subway" in the rest of the post, so we'll go with that. I like this spoke option because it solidifies Grand Circus park as the center of the city, with subway lines stretching out to the suburbs in a similar fashion to the spoke roads today. I don't know what the Grand Circus park station would look like, with the logistics of six subway lines all intersecting there, but I'm sure the result would be a marvel of the transit world. I chose to leave it to the imagination and have them all mash together, beacuse such a station is beyond my skill to create.
Thirdly, the "why not both?" option ensures ample transit coverage.
Now, with all of these lines, subways, and stations, it seems we need some way to move people around between them. Hence, the People Mover takes its place in Woodward Detroit. The People Mover can finally serve its intended purpose of moving people between different transit lines.
Both sets of rail and the people mover create a robust transit system.
Looking at specific famous Detroit buildings / locations
Renaissance Center Since the unique part of the Woodward plan applies to only above Jefferson Ave, the Renaissance Center can stay exactly where it is in present Detroit.
One Detroit Center, One Woodward Ave, McKinsey, Crowne Plaza
Penobscot Building, Guardian Building, 211 Fort St.
Campus Martius, First National Building, One Campus Martius, One Kennedy Square The first two buildings conform to the Woodward plan, One Kennedy Square was reshaped.
Monroe Block, First National, Cadillac Tower, Cadillac Square Cadillac Square is not a square any longer; instead it is just a part of Michigan Grand Ave. I've included a concept for the upcoming development on the Monroe block.
Hudson's Site Based upon the latest renderings, though the tower of apartments is more inspired by the first rendering. Standing 800' tall to its roof, this new skycraper is a focal point for present Detroit and Woodward Detroit alike.
View from top of David Whitney Building
Book Skyscraper In my made up history, the Woodward plan allowed Detroit's boom and surge to reach even greater heights before the Depression, enabling the construction of grand plans that were shelved in present Detroit because of the Depression. One such building is the 82 Story Book skyscraper attached to the Book Tower we know and love, standing about 900' tall!
Grand Circus Park Grand Circus Park would be quite a sight, to be standing in the center of the full circle with all twelve lots occupied by towers (though I didn't have the heart to remove the eternal parking lot at Adams and Madison (apparently now called Aretha Franklin Way)). In this alternate history, it is the transit hub of Detroit, served by six subway lines and the People Mover.
Water Board Building
Detroit Library
Michigan Central Station
Greektown / Casino
Fisher Building
Another Detroit building that was prevented from reaching its full potential by the Depression. The Fisher Building we know today is less than a third of the original plan. You can read more about that in my post here:
In my alternate history, the Fisher brothers, seeking to cement their legacy with the largest commercial building in the world, finally convinced the city to allow the construction of their tower inside a circle park, ensuring that it is visible as the terminating vista on 12 streets. The Albert Kahn firm spared no expense and created a lavish limestone 60 story tower flanked by two 30 story towers, crowned by gold leaf roofs and all joined together by a U shaped, three-story lobby filled with decadent gold leaf, bronze, frescos, and murals. Finished just months before the 1929 Great Depression, it stands as a nationally-recognized high point of Art Deco architecture.
(Aside: How tall is it? There is a problem with the scale of the Fisher Building model. The width is correct at 800' and the footprint actually does just barely fit inside a circle park. However, the roof height (not including spire) of the 30 story part is 301' in the model while the actual roof height is 418.3'. Applying this scale factor would put the actual height of the 60 story roof at 938.3'.)
Riverfront Towers, Cobo, Joe Louis
Comerica Park and Ford Field
I experimented to see if these stadiums could fit inside circle parks.
Aerial Views and Views from the tops of buildings
Matched Photo
I attempted to match an aerial photo I found
Woodward Detroit's one-of-a-kind layout has created a close knit city with an atmosphere like no other, with world leading architecture, innovation, and a robust transit system. Naturally, a certain tech company looking for their second HQ chose it as their first choice, claiming "there weren't ever really any other options." I had some fun making a circle park and its surrounding buildings into one unified HQ complex. And it does lie on one of the subway lines.
Conclusion & Sources
For further reading about the history of the Woodward plan, I recommend this excellent three part article, from which I sourced much of my information:
Some information also came from here, a shorter summary focusing on the plan's downfall:
In conclusion, once I learned about Woodward and his grand plan for Detroit, I voraciously devoured any information I could find about it. The combination of its true uniqueness among urban designs and the fact that just enough of the plan was built to stimulte curiousity but not enough to indicate what the whole city would look like sent me on this path. My goal was to create what Woodward could not and provide an alternate vision for what Detroit could have been. I greatly enjoyed following Woodward's own procedure to lay out a section and then populating with all the buildings and details. I am very pleased with the final results and hope you are too. I undertook this project out of passion and interest. I hope you enjoyed reading and that I arranged the content in a clear manner. Thanks for reading!
A wonderful tool in Sketchup is the ability to import models created by others. I used this to build more of a connection from my virtual Woodward Detroit to the Detroit we know today and I feel the results of my project would not have been even half as good without them. A big thank you to the following Sketchup users:
Also thank you to this reddit post; which fueled my inspiration for this project:
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Covid Shutdowns (updated regularly)

Many restaurants, theaters, bars etc are closing or offering limited services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to assemblea list of what is closed or offering limited services for people’s reference.
Please tell me if you see something that should be added to the list.
all restaurants/bars etc in Santa Fe are limited to 50% capacity with the White House suggesting people avoid gatherings of 10 or more nationwide.
LAST UPDATED: 8pm 3/18/2020
Key for symbols: 🔴: Closed completely 🟡: Partially open 🔵: Mostly open except for large events
Churches * 🔴 Archdiocese of Santa Fe (all Catholic Churches and Schools): closed until further notice * 🟡 The Church of the Holy Faith: All meetings cancelled, but worship services continue. * First Presbyterian Church: All services suspended until further notice. * 🟡 St. Bede's Episcopal Church: all special events, Sunday Schools, singing and book clubs and other non worship activities have been suspended until further notice. * 🔴 St. John's United Methodist Church: Sunday worship and Sunday School suspended through March 29th * 🔴 Unitarian Universalist Santa Fe: Closed for public gatherings through the end of March * 🔴 Upaya Zen Center: the March 18th Dharma will be live streamed on Upaya's youtube channel with no audience in the zendo. All other public events cancelled until further notice.
Concerts & Other Entertainment * 🟡 Alas de Agua Art Collective: Moving their workshops to an online format * 🔴 AMP Concerts: All events suspended through March, possibly longer * 🔴 Concerts @ The Kitchen Sink: all scheduled concerts are cancelled, some may be rescheduled. * 🔴 Georgia O'Keefe Museum & Ghost Ranch Abiquiu: Closed until further notice * 🔴 Gathering of Nations Powwow: Postponed until further notice * 🔴 Ghost. All shows until April cancelled, will attempt to reschedule if possible * 🟡 is working to see if events can be rescheduled, ticket holders and buyers should email [email protected] to check the status of events. * 🔴 IAIA Museum of Contemporary Arts: closed until at least April 6th with all public programming canceled. * 🔴 Monday Night Swing: cancelled until further notice * 🔴 Ohkay Owingeh Casino: Closed through April 1st * 🔴 Poeh Cultural Center: All current programming including the Pojoaque Farmer's Market, Butterfly Market and Native Artists Showcase are postponed. The Museum is closed until further notice. * 🟡 Pueblo of Pojoaque: All 3 Casinos (Buffalo Thunder, Cities of Gold and Jake's Casino) closed until March 30th. The three Pojoaque Casinos will remain open. * 🔴 Rockin' Rollers skating rink: Closed until April * 🔴 ** Santa Fe Art Institute: All upcoming large events have been canceled. * 🔴 **Santa Fe Children's Museum: closed until further notice * 🔴 Santa fe Improv: All classes suspended through March 28th * 🔴 Santa fe Pro Musica: all remaining concerts for the season have been canceled or postponed. * 🔴 SITE Santa Fe: closed until further notice * 🔴 Ski Santa Fe: Closed for the rest of the season. * 🔴 Teatro Paraguas: All events in March have been cancelled. * 🔴 Tesuque Casino: Closed until further notice * 🔴 The Wheelright Museum of the American Indian: All events postponed through April, new events will be posted online as they become available.
Government Services * 🔴 Senior meal services: Closed until further services, to arrange for meals through Meals on Wheels call 505-955-4700 * 🔴 Senior Centers: Closed until further notice * 🔴 Jails: All visitations are discontinued and inmates are being screened for all infectious disease. * 🔴 City-Sponsored Community events and camps: cancelled until further notice (including GCCC and Monica Royal center, City after school programs, easter egg hunt, all tournaments etc * 🔴 Community/Recreation Centers & City Libraries: closed through at least April 5th, All classes & activities cancelled. * 🔵 City Meetings: all meetings suspended through Apr 5th except for the Governing Body, Finance Committee, Public Works and Public Utilities meetings, which may be held via teleconferences. * 🔴 New Mexico RailRunner Express: all train services suspended through April 3rd. Rio Metro buses still operational. * 🔴 New Mexico State Parks: All parks closed through April 9th
Restaurants * 🟡 Backroad Pizza: Closed except for contact-free curbside pickup * 🟡 Chipotle: dining room is closed, still open for takeout/pickup/delivery * 🟡 Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeeshop: In store closed, accepting pickup orders * 🟡 Cowgirl Restauranc: Closed to dine in customers through April 6th, but working with Fetch and Dashing Delivery . concerts canceled through April 15th * 🔵 El Farol: Late Night live music cancelled, Flamenco Dinner Show and early evening performances still running * 🟡 Jambo Café: closed except for delivery via Dashing Delivery. Jambo Imports Closed until further notice. * 🟡 Kohnami: Closed except to contact free pickup * 🔴 La Reina at El Rey ** Bar is closed until further notice * 🔴 **Lamy Junction: Closed until the state of emergency is lifted** * 🔵 Mine Shaft Tavern: Live music cancelled until Apr 9th * 🔵 Second Street Brewery: All music cancelled through April at all locations * 🔴 Ten Thousand Waves & Izanami Restaurant: Closed through Apr 15th * 🔵 Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery: Concerts suspended until the Health Departments lifts the ban on mass gatherings * 🟡 Wayward Wednesdays @ Chili Line Brewery: Weekly comedy show and open mic canceled until further notice, takeout now available. * 🟡 McDonalds: Dining rooms closed, only pickup, takeout and delivery allowed. * 🔴 Museum Hill Café: Closed until April * 🔴 Plaza Café Southside: Closed until further notice
Stores & Other Businesses * 🟡 Candyman Strings & Things: The store interior will be closed to customers until further notice, but free delivery is available within and outside of Santa Fe as well as parking lot pickup. Video conferencing lessons will be offered to current students at no extra cost, as well as in-person lessons at the Candyman Music Education Center. * 🔴 REI: All stores closed nationwide through March 27th * 🔴 YogaSource: all classes, workshops and events are cancelled through the end of March, at which time the studio will reassess.
Other * 🟡 La Tierra Toastmasters: closed, but will still hold online meetings via Zoom * 🔴 Lensic Performing Arts Center: all events cancelled or postponed through April 9th. * 🔴 Meow Wolf: closed until april * 🔴 Jean Cocteau Cinema: Closed until further notice with events canceled until April 6th at the earliest * 🔴 Regal Cinemas closed until further notice * 🔴 Violet Crown: closed until further notice * 🔴 CCA and The Screen: closed until further notice * 🔴 NDI New Mexico: All performances canceled through April 4th * 🔴 New Mexico Dept of Cultural Affairs: All state museums and cultural institutions closed until further notice * 🔴 RENESAN Institute: All weekly lectures through Apr 2nd cancelled as well as all classes and tours through Apr 9th * 🟡 Santa Fe Botanical Gardens: Gardens remain open, but most special events have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.
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Wantes to share my experience of visiting your country without knowing anything about it

Hello everyone. I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while
A little more than a month ago I was able to visit your country. I didn't know much about it before going so I thought it would be cool to share with you the experience of someone that visited it with basically 0 information and what is the impression your country gives to a traveler without preconceptions. The only things I knew about your country were:
1.-It is cold. There's snow
2.-There are Moose.
3.-Some speak French.
4.-Niagara falls.
5.-They say Canadians are good people.
That's about it. If I'm honest I wasn't very excited to visit your country beforehand but boy was I impressed.
At first I was underwhelmed with the falls. I saw them from afar and with how much people, shows and even cartoons talk about how big they are, they seemed small in comparison. I realized my expectations were blown out of proportion by what I had heard about them so I tried to look at them objectively after that.
I guess seeing them from above wasn’t helping because It wasn't until I took the boat that I realized how majestic they were. Looking up and being surrounded by the Canadian one was incredible. Even if everything else had sucked (which it didn't) the trip would have been worth it. .The light show with the fireworks at night was pretty cool, as well as that perpetual mist that even gets to the street. Really beautiful place. Very peaceful.
I want to give a special mention to the Rainbow Room restaurant at the top of the crowne plaza hotel. 10/10 would recommend. If you go visit Niagara Falls it's a must!. It has an amazing view of the falls and it's perfect for a wonderful dinner. It will probably seem like I'm getting paid but you gotta go there and try the scallops. Trust me. It's the most delicious food I have ever had in my entire life. I can't recommend this place enough. We went there for my fathers 60 birthday and it was excellent.
I honestly didn’t thought there were cities this big here.. I didn't expect to see how different the people and lifestyle of Toronto was compared to Niagara. It was hectic. And scary.
We arrived there at night and since our hotel was one block away from Eaton centre we decided to go for a walk. Just in our first night there we saw multiple beggars asking for money. Walking just a block away from the Yonge-Dundas square, still on Yonge, we started to see strip clubs and the smell of weed filled the air. Not what we expected from the main touristic area of the city. We went back towards the plaza and passed right by a taxi driver discussing with a customer “I'm calling the police you haven't paid me” “No! IM calling the police!”. We went on our way when suddenly we hear the man screaming. “HELP! HELP!” We turned around to see the taxi driver grabbing the man by the neck. What the fuck.
So we tried again the next day. We went to the same plaza to buy bus tickets for the bus that gives tours around town and there was a man dressed as a devil screaming to the tourist not to trust X hospital. Since most of us were either foreigner or from other areas i’m not sure exactly what he was trying to achieve, but police took him away from us soon after that.
The thing about that everything else was great! We stayed four nights and we didn’t see any other problem. Everyone was very kind, we saw the police guarding every block. The aquarium is cool, the tour in the boat in the lake was cool. The Natural and Art museum are amazing The CN Tower was pretty cool too as well as Casaloma. We met the most friendly taxi drivers there too. Overall..4/5
My favorite city. The perfect blend between old and new. The parliament and the change of guard as well as the light shows was pretty cool. It’s also cool since one side of the river is french and the other english so it feels like two cultures clashing and mixing as one community. We met a very kind couple while waiting for the light show. The lady didn’t speak any english (she was from montreal I think). Her husband was from Quebec but he did speak some english so he communicated through him. If they’re reading this, thanks for that chat!
Sadly I lost 500 dollars walking through Major’s Hill park. I had them in my jacket, but I took it off as it was hot and was holding it in my hand, but somewhere in the park I dropped the wallet, looked for it but never found it :/. Fortunately I didn’t lose my passport or cards!
And..I think I met the president? Maybe? We were walking towards the Fairmont when suddenly I see body guards and 3 black Suburbans (or similar), we walk past them towards the entrance of the hotel, I turn around and from my right (where the Parliament is) there is a tall man dressed with a blue shirt that looks kind of like Trudeau getting into the van in the middle. Now I’m not sure if he was him or not as I just saw him for like a second, and it’s weird the vans were in front of the Fairmont. All I know is he looked like him and he definitely didn’t come out of the hotel (as we were going in to see it), he was coming from the direction of the Parliament or the Metro. So in my head I saw your president I don’t care.
I was impressed it looks just like I imagine Europe to be. Small streets, horses doing tours, beautiful architecture and churches. On the topic of Churcest, they said they have the oldest church in north america I’m pretty sure that’s false because AFAIK Mexico and Cuba are part of north america and both had churches before there were even settlements in Canada. Still it was beautiful getting lost on the streets there. It definitely was one of the places that make me think “I need to come back to this place, I need to bring my Fiancee (which unfortunately couldn’t come)”.
One thing I did notice there was the…”us vs them” feeling when it came to french and english canadians. A lot of them refused to speak in english and I was surprised at how many people spoke spanish there. We met more people that spoke semi fluent or fluent spanish than people who spoke english. I think that’s kind of sad especially given the impression of unity I got in Ottawa, but maybe I had bad luck?
One thing I must say though, everyone was charming and kind in both the english and French parts. One funny thing that happened was when my father was checking in on the hotel, the receptionist saw we spoke spanish so she started to speak spanish too so we felt more comfortable (how kind!) but for some reason my father kept talking in english. So we had a french canadian speaking spanish to a mexican speaking english. I found that quite amusing.
The final stop was Montreal. If I had to describe the city it would be like the mixing of Toronto and Quebec. Big city but not that big. New buildings as well as very old ones. We took the tourist bus, went to the casino. The olympic park is worth a visit if you have time. I had never been to a planetarium and I think it was pretty cool.
Overall thoughts.
I think you have a beautiful country that you show be really proud of. One of my favorite things was that it is full of flowers! Every street in touristic areas is full of flowers and they make the city stand out. Apparently they all die in the winter so they are help at himbernaries? that’s amazing.
I had a lot of misconceptions about it too. For example I thought even if it wasn’t snowy it would still be very cold, but it wasn’t! It was hot! And people didn’t dress the way I thought they would. Seriously every single girl was wearing shorts! and I assume the guys were too.
Everyone was kind and did their best to help you if you asked. Although I found that people weren’t as accommodating? For example in toronto even though we stayed in a good hotel no one bothered to help us with the luggage, apparently it isn’t standard service there? It happened in a couple of places (All except Ottawa) so that was weird.
Something interesting I noted is that they serve the whole food in a single plate. Fruit, potatoes and the main dish are all on a single plate. Here in my country even if all of it is included they bring it to you on different plates. It’s not good or bad just interesting.
Sadly I didn't see neither snow nor a Moose. Really wanted to see them as I haven't seen either in my life. Also kinda sad I couldn't get a Nintendo switch as it was out of stock haha. Overall I was quite impressed by the country and the people. I didn’t expect much of it, I wasn’t interested, but I must say you guys have a beautiful country you should be proud of and if I have the opportunity it’s definitely a place I would love to go back to. I now genuinely think Canada is one of those places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. And If you live there and haven’t visited those places you should! Even if it’s just for one day like we did. It’s 100% worth it.
I hope this post is received well. I know it’s kinda long and I tried to not make it sound as a humble brag, I’m just really really happy I got to visit your country and share my experience of how different it was from what I had thought.
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Algunos de los mejores Apartamentos en Santo Domingo

Todos queremos un mejor lugar para pasar nuestra vida cuando tenemos el mejor Apartamento como resultado de nuestra búsqueda; se siente como que tenemos todo lo que queremos. Santo Domingo es uno de los mejores lugares en el mundo y apartamentos en Santo Domingo también es alta. Así, en este artículo, vamos a discutir algunos de los mejores apartamentos en Santo Domingo. Vamos a empezar.
El Embajador
Convenientemente situado cerca de los bulliciosos distritos comerciales y de negocios de Santo Domingo, el Embajador, Un hotel Royal Hideaway, trata a cada huésped con la pompa y la circunstancia que corresponde a los diplomáticos mundanos. Con impresionantes vistas de la capital de la República Dominicana y la calma reconfortante de un exuberante barrio residencial, el Embajador, Un hotel Royal Hideaway cuenta con elegantes habitaciones amuebladas con todas las comodidades modernas. Los viajeros de negocios y de ocio apreciarán el Servicio personalizado En el salón de propietarios, así como el lujoso y altamente atento Servicio del Royal Club, así como un casino de la Oct en el hotel.
Barcelo Santo Domingo
Situado en el casco antiguo de Santo Domingo, el hotel Barceló Santo Domingo ofrece comodidades y un fácil acceso a los hermosos PiL de la capital. Ofrece Aparcamiento gratuito y el Aeropuerto internacional de las Américas está a sólo 25 minutos en coche. WiFi gratuito está disponible en todas las habitaciones. El Barcelo Santo Domingo cuenta con un casino cálido y acogedor. Juega a algunos juegos de mesa favoritos o tragamonedas mientras escuchas la música de la gran banda de Lina. Aprecie la planificación sin estrés con el Servicio de coordinación de eventos de Santo Domingo Barceló. Después de un largo día de exploración, nade en la piscina al aire libre o sumérjase en la Bañera de hidromasaje. El Teatro Nacional de Santo Domingo, así como centros comerciales como Agora Mall y Sambil, se encuentran a 500 metros de la propiedad.
Renacimiento Santo Domingo
El Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino se encuentra en la avenida malecón, cerca de las atracciones de la ciudad y de las tiendas, con vistas al Mar Caribe y jardines tropicales. Las habitaciones del Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino cuentan con TV por cable, minibar y nevera. Las habitaciones de estilo tradicional también incluyen un Escritorio, Cafetera y Caja fuerte en la habitación. Los huéspedes del Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino pueden cenar en el Luna Bar & Restaurant, que sirve cocina internacional. Sol Pool Lounge & Restaurant ofrece otra opción. Los huéspedes también pueden tomar una bebida o un aperitivo en uno de los tres bares del hotel. El hotel ofrece un gimnasio con equipo de cardio o pistas de tenis en el exterior. El hotel cuenta con un centro de negocios y Salas de reuniones. Los servicios de Alquiler de coches, conserjería y tienda de regalos también están disponibles. El Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino se encuentra a 2 kilómetros del Puerto de Santo Domingo. El National Palace se encuentra a 1,5 kilómetros del hotel.
Crowne Plaza.
El Crowne Plaza Santo Domingo está situado en el bulevar Malecon frente al mar y cuenta con una piscina al aire libre y una piscina de hidromasaje, un casino y un spa. Cada elegante habitación con aire acondicionado ofrece vistas al mar y conexión Wi-Fi gratuita. La playa está a 35 minutos en coche. Las habitaciones del Crowne Plaza tienen una elegante decoración contemporánea y disponen de TV de pantalla plana, Escritorio y Sofá. Cuenta con Cafetera y minibar, mientras que los modernos cuartos de baño incluyen artículos de tocador, albornoces y Zapatillas. El Restaurante Nabu dispone de una excelente mesa, mientras que el Kaffetto's café sirve pasteles y café. Hay un Bar de piscina y un bar en el vestíbulo donde podrá disfrutar de música y cócteles. El Servicio a la habitación está disponible las 24 horas del día.
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Weekend rundown Feb 28th - Mar 1st

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120 Urban Hooks

I see this post so often, and I'm amazed that people have trouble of thinking of things to do in an urban environment, so I thought I'd lend a hand.
Thanks as always to The Gollicking members, Mimir-ion, Zweefer, RexiconJesse, u/arc_onyx, InfinityCircuit and DeathMcGunz.
I've built a lot of cities. I find that its best to categorize.
Here's my personal city encounters lists, slightly altered with worldbuilding details to be more generic and useful. They are yours to take, amend, and discard, with my thanks.
There are 6 categories, with 20 entries for each category, giving us 120 encounters. (160 with the comment, below)
A d6 and a d20 can dice up a full roster of stuff to do quite quickly. Enjoy!

ARTS (01)

  1. Free outdoor art gallery with paintings, sculpture, food vendors and musicians. A note is passed to the party from a stranger.
  2. A new play from a famous playwright is debuting at the local theater. The party receives an invitation from an anonymous source via a messenger.
  3. A street band is playing raucous tunes outside the party's lodgings and a crowd prevents them from entering. If they persist, they accidentally start a brawl.
  4. A festival is being held in the city and all citizens and visitors are required to attend and pay fealty to the city's ruler. During the parade an explosion destroys some buildings and kills nearly 100 people. The party is very close to the blast and sees a hooded figure fleeing via rooftop.
  5. A local busker who always recites bad elven poetry is found one morning turned to stone.
  6. A band of mimes have come to the city to perform a series of comedy shows. One of the mimes is a Doppleganger and is here to assassinate one of the party's allies.
  7. A dance troupe, known for their public and surprise appearances (a "flashmob"), starts a performance in and around the party in the street. During the performance one of the dancers lunges at one of the party members and whispers, "Help me" in their ear, before carrying on with the spectacle.
  8. A mysterious sculpture garden has "sprouted" in a main city street, seemingly grown from the very ground itself. All of the figures are depictions of body horror and some spectators have been driven mad or died after looking at them for too long.
  9. Artist paints caricature portraits of passers-by which come to life at night to cause havoc.
  10. There is a sand castle contest at the local beach. While digging a pit one contestant finds a wooden chest. It is sealed with arcane sigils and very dangerous. Inside is a lifeform.
  11. The party is asked to investigate a local art gallery as the last known location of a model that has disappeared. The party finds extremely life like statues of various people, missing model included, and discovers the sculptor is a Maedar, with a pet Basilisk, trying to replicate his dead mate (a Medusa).
  12. The party is invited to a studio for free painting lessons. The paint fumes trigger a spell that sends the party into a collective Dream. They must find their way out and defeat the Artist-Wizard and his pet Nothic before they are bled dry (to fuel a hideous ritual).
  13. An audience-participation theater-event is occurring in one of the parks, and the party is encouraged to join, and are asked to put on some simple costumes. Upon doing so, they are swapped with hidden Clones, who continue the performance, while the party is teleported to an underground prison full of holding cells. There are dozens of other trapped citizens there.
  14. A new popular song is all the rage and being sung by drunken bravos and university students alike. The song has a 10% to transfer an audio-parasite, that will drive the singer mad and ultimately into a catatonic state over the course of 7 days. During this time they will be compelled to sing the “hook” over and over, in the hopes of infecting any nearby listeners.
  15. A master tattooist has set up a temporary shop on the fringes of the city. For a hefty fee, the customer will receive an exquisite piece of personal art, and on full moons, the tattoo will be able to sense the presence of magic, poisons, disease, or creature types (DMs choice). The master will leave after 24 hours, never to be seen again and the tattoo will fade completely after 30 days.
  16. An artist is painting landscapes on the street. She says she’ll paint any place the customer desires. For a fee, she can make the painting a one-time portal to that place. The portals always go to the wrong location (this is discovered after travel has occurred).
  17. A local homeless man, who mimes for money along the Promenade and in the Park, suddenly finds his invisible walls and pretend ropes are real. Passersby run into invisible walls of force left behind by him, people are dragged to him by his invisible rope, and he now hides in a corner of the park, afraid he will hurt others with this newfound power. The local Telekinesis Guild (bunch of filthy impostors and con artists, mostly) are furious that he has what they secretly do not, and has put a bounty on him, paid upon live delivery to their guild house.
  18. A local street band is performing the show of their life and the music has become magical. Any Bards present will be able to “draw” 1-3 new spells from the performance. All others will be Blessed for the next 48 hours.
  19. An artist has set up a crude telescope, pointing at the ground. For a small fee, you can look through the telescope and see a miniature world, full of tiny blue humanoids in a stone-age environment. The telescope is enchanted with a very detailed Major Illusion spell that allows the humanoids to be seen, and is also Cursed to drive the viewer mad by causing them to see the tiny blue humanoids everywhere they go. The curse will begin 24 hours after using the telescope and will persist for 30 days or until the victim goes mad, or dies. The Curse will manifest the humanoids as watching, then menacing, then threatening, then murderous.
  20. Some Elven sculptors have set up a “Century Garden” - plinths of stone overhung by apparatus with funnels in different angles and locations that drip acids onto the stone - slowly forming the final form of the artists vision. The artist is selling tickets (valid in 100 years) to attend the ceremony.


  1. A local tavern is showcasing a new lager and a spruiker is on the streets handing out "1/2 off" coupons to passersby. The party is given "2 free drinks" coupons on purpose by the NPC. A stranger is waiting inside that wants to talk to the party.
  2. A dance club, on a typical night, has been infiltrated by an Avatar of Bacchus and has caused the party to spill into the streets where it has been pulling in passersby. The party is caught up in the crowd.
  3. An exclusive nightclub has opened, membership only. One of the party’s allies goes missing and was last seen there. The club is a coven of Sorcerers and every night they sacrifice a kidnapped customer to try to summon an Eldritch Horror.
  4. A hot club in town is secretly run by vampires. Cover charge is 1 pint of blood. Thralls being thralls, one of them talks, and a Hunter has gotten wind of the nest. The party will see him interrogating a thrall and escalating to torture.
  5. A drunken brawl spills out of a tavern near the party. The fight is brutal, involving makeshift weapons and ends up overtaking the party. If they do not flee, during the fracas the party notices that one of the brawlers is biting his opponents and swallowing the flesh. If they do flee, they hear the next day that a pile of half-eaten bodies was discovered in the aftermath. A new zombie-master has come to town.
  6. While out drinking, the party sees a Silver Elf enter the tavern, and time slows to 50% of its current speed for all but the party and Elf, who remain at 100%. The Elf asks the party if they would like to play a game of chess. If they say no, the Elf vanishes, and time returns to normal. If they agree they must wager a precious/strong/important memory against the answer to any question. The Elf has an INT modifier of +4 and a +4 proficiency in gaming. Upon the conclusion of the game, the Elf vanishes and time returns to normal. The bar patrons never see the Elf.
  7. While in a tavern, a game of darts among some locals concludes in violence and 2 end up dead. On one of the deceased bodies is a treasure map that leads to a guarded vault in the wilderness.
  8. A particularly virulent STD is going around the brothels. Over the course of 72 hours it turns the afflicted into a receptor for mental dominance from a powerful psion. The “Mind Taker” uses these puppets to rob the afflicted and deliver their valuables to a guarded location. Then the psion drains the puppet of its final mental faculties and stores it as an energy source for later. The bodies are then destroyed using a Rod of Disintegration. One of the party’s allies (or a party member themselves) has come down with a case of “The Threads” (so named for the red lines of infection radiating from the genitalia into the legs and torso.
  9. A dance club has been cursed by a witch to afflict some (30%) of the customers with “Otiluke’s Irresistible Dance”. Some patrons have been dropping dead from it and the club owners are covering it up by secretly burying the bodies in the basement and drugging the witnesses. The party is present for this or one of their allies goes missing.
  10. A man attempting to throw a party so massive he will officially become “the God of Partying” wants the players to help him throw an absolute rager. If they help, he will remember them fondly when he reaches godhood. The party could overrun the region/city.
  11. The party finds a club throwing a rager in the party’s honor. All night, people toast the party members, dance with them, and celebrate. No one in the party has to pay for drinks. The next day, the party gets the bill for everyone's drinks. The tavern was told the event was for the party and would be paid for by them as well.
  12. A new fad in the high-end taverns of the city, catering to young noblemen with too much money and not enough sense, is a drink called The Kiss. One part grain alcohol, one part pufferfish venom - a shot of this causes hallucinations and numbness, in addition to more than the usual drunkenness. Two young men, heirs to fortunes and titles in the court, have died in the last two nights. Word is they drank too many of these. The noble families want blood, and put bounties on all known bartenders serving This Kiss. The guard don’t want a riot on their hands if they interfere with the Mixologist’s Guild, the most powerful multinational trade guild in the world. A representative from the Crown has summoned the party, to discreetly investigate the explosive situation.
  13. A group of drunks stumble towards the party and push through/past them. During this, the party will each be subject to a Pickpocket attempt (+8 Sleight of Hand). If discovered, the “drunks” are a pack of rogues who “own” this territory. If challenged, they will flee and return with a number of Thugs equal to the number of party members.
  14. A grifter comes up to the party and bets that they can guess “where you got your boots/shoes”. The answer is “on your feet” (where the footwear currently is). The grifter will demand a small amount of cash after this, and will become hostile if denied or hassled.
  15. An avatar of Bacchus/Dionysus appears in the area and begins a Revel. Those who hear the music or see the dancing/drinking must save vs Wisdom (DC 20) or join in. The Revel will last for 72-96 hours and leave partygoers with 3 levels of Exhaustion (and be many miles from where it started).
  16. A Dwarven “thrashgnome” band is throwing an impromptu concert on the roof of a local tavern. The noise is deafening and a large brawl will erupt after awhile - during the fracas an object will find itself at the feet of one of the party members. It is a powerful Fetish that was stolen from a Witch (who has been seeking it, and is nearby).
  17. The party enters a tavern to discover their money is “no good” and they are suddenly crowned “Lager Kings/Queens” for the night, and feted and welcomed by each individual tavern patron. The party will, as the sun rises, be poisoned by the insinuative poison that was in each successive drink, and if they fail a Con check vs a high DC, they will be magically Sleep’ed and find themselves strapped to a basement altar for a hatchling Gold Dragon to feed upon. If they succeed on the check, they are very ill and considered Incapacitated for the next 24 hours.
  18. A new tavern has appeared in the area, and will vanish after the night’s festivities to appear in a random location in the world the next night. The tavern patrons are all Fey, and this is the “Wandering Druid Pub”.
  19. A dealer is handing out “free tokes” of a new narcotic. The narcotic is powerful and hallucinatory, but harmless otherwise, except for the addiction rate, which is near 100%. A Con check vs a high DC is required. If failed, the user must take the drug again in the next 24 hours or suffer 2 levels of Fatigue. Every day without the drug thereafter confers another level of Fatigue. If the check is passed, they will become violently nauseous every time they take the drug again.
  20. A group of Gnomish Brewmasters have set up a tasting booth on the street and are giving out free samples of “Old Brown Mare” - a powerful stout that has a tiny side effect - 10% of the imbibers are shrunk to Gnomish height for 24 hours.
  21. (OPTIONAL) - A cadre of bound Incubi and Succubi have escaped from a brothel and are desperately seeking an escape from the area. They will make any deal possible to make this happen.


  1. While looking for weapons, a party member "accidentally" activates a sentient weapon, who declares the party member as "master" and demands to know what has happened since it was "put to sleep".
  2. While shopping, one or more of the party members is pickpocketed by a young kid who is part of an "urchin gang". This gang is an arm of one of the more powerful rogue guilds in the city.
  3. A street vendor is selling “gag gifts”, guaranteed to ensure the perfect prank. All the objects are cursed, and the vendor reveals this as if they were joking, as part of the shtick.
  4. Upon purchasing a normal mundane item, it is found to be hollow, with an unknown substance hidden inside of it. If left undiscovered, the person who sold it will try to get the item back, by negotiation or violence, it depends on the party’s willingness to part with it.
  5. A certain type of plush toy is all the rage in this city, and the party will acquire one upon their next purchase - all the merchants were paid to distribute these as “customer incentives.” The toys act as scrying focus for the local thieves guild. The party’s lodgings will be robbed within 24 hours obtaining the toy.
  6. An extraordinary amount of the richer folk of the town have gathered on the plaza. Gregory’s Golden Garments has arrived back in town from one of his far-off trading junkets. He brings the most exclusive textiles and materials to town, and the auction has started (dragon-skins, silk, etc.). During the auction, someone purchases a rare bolt of material and the party finds it in their room later, with instructions to hide it. If they don’t, a group of Assassins come looking for it. If they do, they will be contacted by a mysterious agent who asks them to transport it far away for a hefty fee.
  7. An Annual Food Festival kicks off with much fanfare. However, someone has poisoned the foodstuffs and half the city is sick with nausea and other vile emissions. The organisers, afraid to lose their heads, have set a hefty bounty for finding the culprit(s), and one of these pamphlets is pushed on the party.
  8. While shopping for weapons, a woman approaches the party and asks them to sell a weapon for her, as she cannot. She explains that the weapon is Cursed and will not allow itself to be sold by the owner. If the party agrees, she looks visible relieved and hands the item over. Now the weapon belongs to the party member who took it (and it cannot be sold). The item is a -1 weapon.
  9. A small purse keeps whispering at a player for them to buy it. It remains silent when others are observing it and refuses to talk if it thinks anyone else can hear it. It says it can help them (count money, hide it from pickpockets, and offer insight) if they give it something in return (it wants costly gemstones).
  10. Every store and restaurant the party enters seems to be run by the same person. If confronted, they laugh and say they “get that all the time”, but will profess ignorance otherwise. The merchants are all Dopplegangers and today is their “Day of Pranks”. If two merchants are forced together, they will become violent and the others will run out to join them.
  11. The party finds a flyer shoved under their lodging’s door that promises “75% off all Adventuring Gear” at a local merchant. The merchant is very chatty and inquisitive and will press the party for information about where they are going next. The merchant then sells this information to a gang of rogues who will follow the party and attempt to rob them as they exit the dungeon.
  12. While shopping for clothes, a party member hears a weeping noise. No one around seems to be crying, so if this is investigated, the member finds a top hat that seems to be the source. If the hat is put on, the party member is Cursed with a particularly nasty form of melancholia.
  13. The next time an item of clothing is purchased, the party member discovers that it has a large “Pocket Dimension” concealed within its folds. There is an object already inside the pocket.
  14. A beautiful man/woman approaches the lowest CHA party member and offers to make their “dreams come true” if they will sell their soul. The man/woman will cast a real Wish on behalf of the party member (which works without the usual DM fuckery, but will expire in 1 year, and a group of Devils will appear to collect the player’s soul). If refused, the man/woman will leave, but if confronted, they will flee. The man/woman is a mortal humanoid who simply shills for a Crossroads Devil.
  15. While shopping for arrows/projectiles, the merchant offers the party a “one-time deal” of some special projectiles that are “guaranteed to strike their target every time” and will demonstrate this quality in a shooting lane set up in the back of the shop. The projectile will work as promised within the shop itself, without limit, but outside the shop, the first 3 only will work as promised and the rest will automatically fail-to-hit. If confronted later, the shopkeeper will claim ignorance and claim the party member is lying (even going so far as to call the Watch for harassment).
  16. The city is having a 50% sale, city-wide, for the next 24 hours. Rogues know this too, and are everywhere, preying on the crowds, or following them home to be robbed later.
  17. While shopping for provisions, the merchant says they are looking for “exotic meat hunters”, and will pay top prices for “anything unusual” without limit, provided the meat is delivered dressed.
  18. A new confectionery store has opened and is giving away free samples in the streets. The sweets are mildly intoxicating, and have the added side-effect of making those who eat them very amorous for the next 8 hours. The owners are clerics of the Deity of Love.
  19. An arsonist is burning down merchant shops, by “category”. The perpetrator is a failed businessperson themselves, and is merely seeking revenge. The first things burned are the weapon and armor shops.
  20. While shopping for armor, the merchant offers to show the party a “special selection” of exotic armor. These are all very unusual and very expensive. This is a one-time offer that will never be repeated and if confronted, the merchant will claim ignorance as to the existence of the exotic armors, and if the shop is searched, they are nowhere to be found.


  1. The party receives an anonymous gift of entry passes to an exclusive and private club in the city. At the club, the party is approached by cultists who attempt to persuade the party into joining.
  2. The museum is showcasing some rare artifacts. While visiting, the party is present during the brazen theft of one of the objects - an item of unique and dangerous powers.
  3. Zoo animals have escaped and are menacing the population!
  4. A local sage sends an urgent message to the party about a matter of great importance. The sage, a bit senile, has gotten mixed up and this is not the group he was supposed to contact. He does not realize this and treats the party as if they were hired to retrieve a book from an old, guarded crypt. If the party refuses, the Sage will eventually be foolish enough to try it himself and the party will hear about his death.
  5. A public estate sale of one of the city’s wealthiest families is announced. The prices are high, but the quality equally impressive. In the announcement is an object that the party or one of the party members has been looking for. If they attend the sale, they discover the price is three times higher than they can afford (even after pooling money or getting a loan). The security is strong but not impossible...
  6. The museum is showcasing the preserved remains of a long-dead monster race as part of a traveling exhibition. During a tour, or at night when closed, the monsters are revived by an interested party, and they go on a murderous spree. They attack either the party (along with many others) or one of the party’s allies.
  7. A series of foreign street magicians has entered town and perform solo acts all over town. One of them is near the party, and they need a volunteer for a (permanent) disappearing act.
  8. A street corner storyteller is spinning a tale of adventure and peril to a crowd. The tale sounds suspiciously like the last adventure the party had.
  9. While eating, the party sees a puppet show happening nearby. They find it (magically) difficult to avert their eyes from the felt performers and can see figures moving out of the corners of their eyes. These are Oblique Golems, and can only move when not being viewed. The golems will attempt to rob anyone nearby. The puppets are just puppets.
  10. An Escape Room boasts a valuable prize for any group who can escape/solve the room before the hourglass fills. Several of the puzzles in the escape room align runes and involve magic words of power. If the party manages to complete the room, they complete the spell, finding a portal now open above the building. Demons pour from it into the town, and it cannot be closed for at least 24 hours.
  11. Some fire-jugglers are performing in the street, and they appear to be using magic to create illusionary figures that leap from the burning torches. These are actually Mephits, and the fire-jugglers did not summon them, they appeared on their own. They run off to cause havoc and burn as much of the city as they can.
  12. A local casino is offering big prizes to “Spin the Wheel” - with only a 5% chance of winning, this is mostly a scam, but those who play are Wizard-Marked to be robbed later. The prizes for actually winning are 4-figures.
  13. A pig-racing track has been cordoned off - turning the streets into the racecourse. All are welcome to enter, and whoever wins is offered a lucrative contract joining the “Hog Ridin’ Circuit” - a racing tournament involving half-a-dozen cities and some very shady dealings.
  14. A masked spruiker hands the party an ornately engraved thin metal plaque inviting them to an exclusive event at a place called “The Garden”, and a map is etched on the reverse side. The event, if attended, presents the party with an opportunity to travel to another plane and earn the favor of a powerful, if enigmatic figure.
  15. A group of acrobats are performing feats and stunts in the street. During the performance, one of the party members sees the face of one of the tumblers momentarily change into something monstrous.
  16. A pair of dueling Illusionists is staging an elaborate mock-battle in a nearby park, but neglected to inform anyone of this beforehand and have caused a panic.
  17. A tour group suddenly appears and engulfs the party. The guide is pointing out places where famous adventurers have died, and suddenly points right where the party is standing and begins discussing them as if they were not there! The tour group can not be interacted with (as they are projections from the future) and soon quickly departs and vanishes around a corner.
  18. A street lottery is being held by a local neighborhood social group. The cost is low and any tickets purchased are said to go towards upgrading the local park. There is a 50% that the party wins a modest prize of home-baked goods. The locals will send a message to the party later that their tickets were fraudulent and demand a return of the prize or the equivalent value in currency. This “lottery” is a common scam run in the area on obvious tourists.
  19. During an previous-announced free concert by some famous Bards, a bomb explodes.
  20. A street comedian is inadvertently casting “Tasha’s Hideous Laughter” on audience members. The phenomenon is soon discovered and the comedian flees. Later, he is found dead and covered in a thin slime.


  1. The party receives an anonymous gift of tickets to a local sporting match. If they attend, they are approached by an NPC who says they represent a "person who wishes to remain nameless, but desires to procure your services in a delicate, and potentially dangerous matter."
  2. The party is invited by a local ally to attend a boxing match. At the match both fighters are killed by a powerful assassin who works in secret for a local politician.
  3. The party attends a game of skill and is accused of bribing a ref to throw the game by a rogue (who did actually rig the fight, but now has been caught and is desperate). A few of his crew will back him up and some of the crowd sides with them.
  4. A marathon race has been scheduled to wind through the city as part of a larger season of racing. A number of famous people and some talented locals will participate. During the race, several of the runners suddenly collapse and begin coughing blood. This is the start of a disease outbreak, and will, without precautions, infect over half the city in only 72 hours. The source is magical in nature, and part of a larger scheme to cripple the city by a secret faction.
  5. A bare-knuckle street match has been set up by an enterprising rogue/wizard. A series of ringers are inviting all-comers to challenge for a fat purse. Those who fight are wizard-marked, and followed later, to be kidnapped and bound for a fighting-arena in the Underdark.
  6. An illegal horse race, infamous in the city for causing multiple deaths every year, is about to commence once again. The street the party currently finds themselves in will turn into the aftermath of a battlefield within several seconds. The race has no rules and is heavily wagered upon by the criminal elements of the city.
  7. A “Circus Maximus” involving blood-sport, animal fighting, and a “nautical spectacle” is going to be held at the city’s largest stadium. The public is allowed to sign up to fight in one of the 3 events. The purse for winning is generous (5 figures) and is, of course, rigged and being carefully watched by the strongest Rogues Guild in the city, who stand to make a pile of money. If the party participates, they will see that some of their opponents have been enchanted with speed and strength.
  8. An annual Guards Competition is about to commence. They are divided into 4 teams, and the locals have lifelong and fierce loyalties
  9. In one quarter is an annual event - the Endurance Drinking Contest. A group of competitors take a shot, perform a task, take a shot, perform a different task, repeat. The winner gets a trophy, their portrait on the wall of winners, and bragging rights. The tasks range from silly to nearly impossible.
  10. A mounted race is about to commence, and the party runs into a thick crowd along the edges of the route. If the party chooses to stay to watch, they will see one of the riders being assassinated from a position high above the streets by a mage’s spell.
  11. A traveling ball-team is looking for a manager and some bodyguards, and one of the party’s allies has recommended the party, as a joke. The team shows up where the party is to conduct an interview.
  12. A boxing match has resulted in a death and the angry and bewildered crowd has spilled out into the streets in a terrible brawl, hurting bystanders and destroying property. If the body is examined, 3 small holes in the back of the dead boxer’s neck can be found and 3 small projectiles found inside the wound. The trail leads to a mage’s henchman.
  13. Illegal cart-racing has been taking place at night among the city’s youth and an ally of the party is terribly worried about their child’s possible-participation. The racing will soon claim lives.
  14. The Dozens has arrived in the city - a nationwide, very famous content of insults and put-downs. The entry fee is to survive a round-robin of burns during The Throwdown, where hundreds will enter. The prize is bragging rights, a 4-figure cash prize, and the chance to defend their title next year.
  15. An ally of the party has entered a marathon footrace. During the race, the ally disappears.
  16. A Fishing Derby, the 1st of 3 contests each year, is being held by any who wish to pay the modest entry fee. There is only one rule - you cannot use a traditional rod/reel, fly, or net/seine to catch the fish. The Derby draws the inventive and the mad, and lasts over 3 days.
  17. A professional team of Goliath and Dwarven “Chicken Fighters” arrive at the city for an exhibition match in the city’s swimming pool. One of the Goliath recognizes a party member (whether the members also remembers them, or not) and offers free tickets. During the match, one of the Dwarves is hurt, and after a flurry of rules-consultations, its determined that a substitute is allowed. The party is looked at by the Goliath and asked for help.
  18. A ping-pong match is being staged between Royal cousins, to settle a dispute. The match is going to be public, and during it, both Royals disappear and are replaced with monkeys. Uproar ensues.
  19. The party finds out there is an underground avian-fighting event happening below the tavern. When they go to investigate, they find a goose and a rooster on opposite sides of a metal chess board pushing the pieces around randomly. A ref resets illegal moves and pulls captured pieces from the board. The crowd roars wildly, screaming for their bird to win the game. The party is approached by a grifter who says he knows who’s going to win and will sell the info. The grifter’s prediction will prove right 2 times, then wrong the 3rd time.
  20. An illegal blood-sport fighting match has caused the death of a local celebrity and the party has been framed for the murder.


  1. A local ally invites the party on a fishing trip. While on the trip, the vessel is attacked by a desperate band of Kuo-Toa, who appear to be diseased and attack with a more-than-usual savage aggression.
  2. The city is holding a yachting regatta and the party is present when one of the ships catches fire. Many accusations are bandied about and most seem to blame one of the city’s administrators who had a grudge.
  3. A seasonal storm rushes over the city does significant (and costly) damage to the local fleets (and any ships the party might have moored here). Trade and travel is stalled and only a hefty bribe and some forceful diplomacy can secure any movement needs that the party might have.
  4. A local mad-wizard-inventor is launching a submarine and has asked for volunteer pilots and crew. If the party accepts, they are attacked by a great white shark. If they do not, the sub is sunk by the shark. The mad-wizard will try again next month with a new design. If the shark has been killed, this version will find a sunken treasure worth a king’s fortune.
  5. The party is invited to a beach party by an ally. While there, a number of party-goers find themselves suddenly growing gills and webbed feet and toes and a strong urge to enter the ocean. They have been drugged by a Sahuagin Sorcerer, who is trying to build an “amphibious army” to attack the town and destroy it.
  6. A large number of Brachia (Crab-Folk) have surfaced in the bay and are attempting to communicate via the Dream spell (which will manifest as the entire town committing suicide, and this will be dreamed en-masse by the locals). This dream is not a threat, but a warning of what will happen if the townsfolk don’t rid themselves of a recently-acquired magic item (by the party themselves, or by another adventuring group). They have 72 hours to unravel the mystery.
  7. A number of Were-Sharks are attacking swimmers at night (mostly kids/young adults out partying on the beach). These therianthropes are not aware of their actions, but know something is wrong. While shape-changed, they work as a team, like wolves.
  8. While passing a street they encounter a group of semi-drunken sailors. The sailors start a brawl with the party, for their fun. When magic or weapons are used things will get nasty as the sailors will pull shivs, long knives, chains, and cudgels.
  9. Something has turned the ocean red and fish are dying in great numbers.
  10. A large statue that could be worth a lot is trapped in a cavern in the water. If the party can retrieve it without additional help, they can claim it as their own, sell it, and keep all of the profits. If they enlist any help, the local authorities will take over the operation and claim the statue for themselves.
  11. During a sailboat race, a school of merfolk begin harassing and destroying the boats.
  12. A group of traveling sailors try to sell famous and popular books, paintings, and equipment to the party at a great price. Upon closer inspection, the items appear to be forgeries.
  13. A seadragon is heading for the coast, but rumor has it she will slumber if told a bedtime story. In order for her to hear it, the party must intercept her and shout the story from aboard a ship. But it better be a good story.
  14. An ocean water spirit wants to visit a fellow spirit friend who is further inland. They will make a path over land of water they can travel through. The party can try to convince the spirit to follow their path and plot a nondestructive course, or they can try to stop the spirit from visiting their friend through force.
  15. For three days, no one has been able to catch a fish with a hook and line. Nothing even bites, something just cuts the lines before any fish can bite.
  16. Tidal Wave!
  17. A local surfer has gone missing and only his surfboard is found on the beach, covered in a black slime. Days later, his head (missing the eyes) washes ashore.
  18. An Aboleth has awoken in the bay and starts calling minions to serve it. Some of them are townsfolk, and possibly the Mayor as well.
  19. A waterspout threatens the docked ships in the harbor. It is not a natural occurrence.
  20. A pack of Scrag (Sea Trolls) have started plucking beachcombers from the shoreline.
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Crowne Plaza LAX Crown Towers, Melbourne Hotel Room Tour + Facilities - YouTube Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino, Commerce Hotels - California Crowne Plaza at Commerce Casino LA - YouTube Crowne Plaza at Commerce Casino LA Look what happened to the penthouse elevator at the Crowne ... Melbourne Casino Crowne Plaza - YouTube

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Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino 4 Stars Commerce, California Within US Travel Directory Adjacent to the Commerce Casino, this hotel in Commerce, California is 12.9 km from downtown Los ... Hi guys! I went to Melbourne for a weekend getaway for my friend's birthday, and we stayed at the Crown Towers Hotel which is connected to the Crown Casino a... Crowne Plaza at Commerce Casino LA Crowne Plaza at Commerce Casino LA. Category Travel & Events; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Alan ... Filmed on August 11, 2017: I was in Canada last month for a vacation and I was really looking for on seeing this piece of beauty up in the penthouse at the C... Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino, Commerce Hotels - California - Duration: 2:19. US Travel Directory 2,596 views. 2:19. Crowne Plaza Los Angels - Commerce Casino - Commerce, California - ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.